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ID Card Sizes

There have many size standards in ID card industry, but the most common size is ISO ID-1(CR80), It commonly used for credit card, debit card, business card etc. it also used for US passport card, driver license and many other kind of purposes. apart from ID-1, CR100 and ID-3 are also commonly used.
The International Organization for Standards specifies the thickness of standard ID cards should be 0.76 mm (0.030 in)
ID Card Sizes:
ID-1 were defined as 3.370 inches wide and 2.125 inches high.
ID-2 are not very commonly used, it were defined as  4.134  inches wide and 2.913 inches high.
ID-3 are widely used for passport.as known as B7 size, the sizes of ID-3 is 4.921  inches wide and 3.465  inches high.
As known as SIM card size,  it were defined as 25 mm wide and  15 mm high.
CR100 usually used for military applications and conventions. it were defined as 3.88 inches wide and 2.63 inches high.
CR-79 were measured as  3.303  inches wide and  2.051  inches high.  it is little bit smaller than CR-80, usually used for clamshell proximity cards.